Technological Evolution in Computer Games

Posted on: Nov 19, 201 6

Computer games have created a whole new outer world for all of us. It’s almost like another planet, when we start with our recent games. Was it the same, 30 years ago? Definitely no! The technology has come such a long way that we just can’t imagine what the future will be! Such vast changes have taken place. We are amazed at this level of improvements in gaming, you must bow your heads, including us, to those geniuses who are and were a part of this revolution.
When there are many drawbacks of the gaming, as seen by many, the advantages are equally good. We have seen and heard about people with disabilities improving and responding to video gaming ilikecheats techniques. They are trying to use these gaming techniques to improve their disability, these stimulators are helping them to lead a better life, guilt free, free from depression. So, what are these technological changes from past to today, that has improved lives, that has made such a huge impact on people.
Artificial Intelligence is the father of other technologies
For gaming, it is very true. Without this being included, these possible 3D games, giving such a bright visual effects and graphics wouldn’t have been possible. It isn’t a new concept though, but the advancements are new and vast. The games today have more of human interactions. The intelligence used is getting better each day, and you see wide variety of games that use it. Games that include wars, fights, and shoot have been advanced with this AI. If there is one thing that has changed the gaming world hugely, then it must be Artificial intelligence. The machines are more and more mimicking the human functionalities, learning to completely act like human not just in action even in other skills.
3D is the in thing
Let’s not disrespect 2D for that matter. 2D was and is to some extent a good option. But 3D has changed the way a game is perceived and the way it appears. Though 3D was present in earlier years too, it wasn’t as it is today. The visuals and its appearance have changed a lot. With 2D there are certain limitations and hence 3D is occupying its space. Few games can’t be played as 2d, its vigour is lost. The look and feel of 3D games has made it most popular than anything, any other games for that matter. That reality look is what attracts everyone.
Online Games are a plus
How about sharing and playing games with your kith and kin located at a different geographical location? Such an enthralling experience it is, isn’t it? All this is possible because of online gaming technology. Multiplayer games started with this being introduced, until which there games were suited for a single player. With the online games coming into existence, the gaming experience has moved up immensely. You needn’t have too many things to play. You needn’t travel across the globe to play casino games; you needn’t visit a betting shop to play bets. Everything is available online. Online games have opened up many new avenues for games, and we are sure the trend will follow or change just like today, 20 years later.
Hardware and graphics are beautiful
In the earlier days, games weren’t so attractive and the gadgets were limited in numbers, the processors weren’t as fast as we have today. Those games wore a dull look, and that may be the reason not many people were fascinated about games. But, other few game lovers decided to give them some makeover and that’s what we have today! Attractive graphics, delicate hardware consoles that help us to play the game efficiently and effortlessly. The picture is made perfect with a great pixel resolution, and the hardware is changed to enable fast processing.
Gaming and Physics
You would wonder what physics must do with gaming! But those formulas and equations have been implemented in designing the games, with just slight differences. The physics applied today are more realistic and appealing than the yester years.
The flexibility has also improved
Earlier when computers were huge boxes, it was impossible to move them from place to place and make people aware. Now, we have everything in miniatures, so as to we can continue our work, anywhere and anytime. This flexibility in gaming too has made it more accessible to many game lovers and non-lovers to start gaming.

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